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Matt Duffy’s extremely large cat won’t be going to Tampa Bay with him

Matt Duffy/Instagram

Matt Duffy’s trade to the Tampa Bay Rays was a bummer for Giants fans. While it might be good news for Rays fans, there is a bit of a caveat. You might know Duffy more as the owner of a very large cat named Skeeter.

Skeeter made headlines on Christmas Day when Duffy tweeted news that his cat ate a Christmas bow and survived. You’d assume Duffy getting traded to Tampa Bay means the cat comes with him, right? The Rays Twitter account was set to welcome the feline to the family.

Duffy had some bad news:


So yes, it’s a bummer that Skeeter will spend even more time away from Duffy, and that Rays fans won’t see Skeeter on a regular basis (he has to visit sometime, right?) But we’d be remiss if we didn’t focus on the good times we shared, which is why I made a tribute video for Skeeter, the extremely large cat who once ate a Christmas bow and survived.

(h/t Fox Sports)