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American wrestler survives opponent chomping on his arm to win match

His Ukrainian opponent's bite wasn't seen by referees, but Frank Molinaro won anyway.

The United States' Frank Molinaro should have gotten a free ride to the bronze medal freestyle wrestling match after his opponent, Ukraine's Andriy Kvyatkovskyy, bit his arm while Molinaro had him pinned to the ground. Instead, the referee missed it, and fortunately it didn't cost him, as Molinaro ended up winning 3-1.

As you can see, Molinaro really had Kvyatkovskyy pinned, and Kvyatkovskyy took a big ol' chomp on Molinaro's forearm out of what I can only assume is instinct and desperation. While he technically got away with it, Molinaro did still win out in the end.

Unfortunately, Molinaro lost 3-1 against Frank Chamizo in the match for bronze, falling short of a medal. Of all the dangers people talked about leading up to Rio, whether it was Zika or the bad water or anything else, surely Molinaro didn't expect a stray pair of teeth getting a hold of his arm as being something he would have to worry about. Fortunately, it seems like he came out of the situation alright.