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NFL getting rid of 'probable' injury classification, likely impacting fantasy football

Reports are out that the NFL will no longer use the “probable” injury designation this upcoming season. We look at the fantasy implications.

The NFL is getting rid of the "probable" injury designation this season, reports Miami Herald NFL columnist Armando Salguero. The NFL injury classifications going forward will be "out," "doubtful" and "questionable." Pro Football Talk is also reporting questionable and doubtful have had some adjustments, as well

[P]reviously, the "questionable" category reflected a 50-50 likelihood of playing, and "doubtful" meant a 75-percent chance the player wouldn’t play. Now, "questionable" simply means that "it is uncertain as to whether the player will play in the game," and "doubtful" means that "it is unlikely the player will participate."

The probable classification began as a term for players who suffered an injury but were likely to start the next week. Some organizations have pushed the limits of the injury designation, regularly listing players as "probable" with clearly playable injuries. There are few cases where a player was listed as "probable" and then missed the game, making it fairly simple to just eliminate the term.

Fantasy Spin: With the NFL removing the "probable" injury classification, fantasy owners will see more players listed as "questionable." This should make it easier to determine whether a player has a more serious injury, but look for teams to try to manipulate it anyway they can.