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The Nuggets’ Wilson Chandler caught a fish the size of your couch

This is terrifying. The sea is scary.

Some NBA players are in Rio winning gold this offseason. Others are getting some much-needed rest ahead of it all beginning again. Wilson Chandler is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean catching terrifyingly giant fish.

A photo posted by Wilson Chandler (@illwil21) on

This is an Atlantic goliath grouper, and believe it or not, this one is on the small size. Chandler’s grouper has been reported as 350 pounds, where it’s common for these monster fish to be well over 400 pounds, with the largest ever caught weighing in at an unbelievable 680 pounds.

Scientists believe Atlantic goliath grouper can live upwards of 50 years, with it being commonly accepted their lifespan is at least 37. It would be a darn shame to see this fish die -- but good news, it was freed.

Now it can go off to cavort and caper in the ocean and do things it likes, such as attacking sharks and eating sea turtles. Dang ... this fish is scary.