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Baseball player destroys his own truck's windshield with grand slam

This qualifies as a work-related accident, right?

You can't make this up! Brandon Thomas hit a grand slam deep over the left field wall tonight. He smashed a windshield in the parking lot! Only one problem. That's his own truck!

Publicado por Gateway Grizzlies Baseball em Domingo, 21 de agosto de 2016

A grand slam is one of the most momentous achievements in sports. It’s an event to be cherished, celebrated — unless you’re a helpless truck in the parking lot. On Sunday night Brandon Thomas of the Gateway Grizzlies in the Frontier League helped carry his team to a 17-6 drubbing of the Joliet Slammers thanks, in part, to a huge grand slam in the bottom of the second inning.

Everything was going perfectly for Thomas and the Grizzlies, until he found his truck after the game. It just so happens that mammoth home run came at a cost: His windshield. It’s enough to make anyone mad, but Thomas took it all in stride.

Hopefully the team pays for the repair. After all, this qualifies as an accident at the workplace, right?