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A bunch of partying Americans accidentally sailed to Canada

They invented a new sport and no one got gold medals.

Because Canadians are nice, friendly and understanding, they did not take the arrival of 1,500 Americans on their southern shores as a declaration of war on Sunday. Due to heavy winds, at least that many Americans, mostly Michiganders, floated across the St. Clair River to Canada waters.

The Americans were attempting to float down the river participating in a sport that we’re going to call Lazy Sailing. The event, the Port Huron Float Down, apparently had little in the way of supervision, allowing the droves of Americans to be misdirected and sent to foreign soil. No gold medals were awarded on Sunday, but at least everyone made it home safe!

Winds gusted as high as 31 mph, enough to drive hundreds of people in tubes across the river. Most lacked identification, had been drinking (see below) and definitely did not have permission to arrive in Canada.

Fortunately, the American invasion was treated with open arms.

It’s true what they say about Canadians, it really is.

Americans nervous about not having identification who tried to swim back across the river were even told to come back to land, where the Canadians would escort them back to their homelands.

We owe you one, Canada. Sorry about that. Hot dog dinner on us next time you’re in town.