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The BBC perfectly encapsulated the Rio Olympics in one bold video

This is incredible.

Imperfectly perfect. That’s how the BBC closed their incredible video reviewing two weeks of the 2016 Olympic Games. An event held in an utterly flawed location, with real-world problems and the constant threat of a facade falling apart at any moment. Holding the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro began with concerns about violence, Zika and pollution, and ended with the city itself being just as problematic as always, but also, somehow, still managing to showcase its beauty.

Dozens of networks will do their own "Rio review" type videos. Many will concentrate on the games themselves, which went off relatively hitch-free, but the BBC didn’t pull any punches in both highlighting how great the athletic performances were while not shying away from the troubles Rio faced, and will face into the future.

Honestly, I could prattle on for 1,000 more words about how good this video is. Just watch it.