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The entire British Olympic team arrived back in England with the same red suitcase

Baggage claim is bad enough without this happening.

Great Britain had an amazingly successful Olympics. A record medal haul, a nation of adoring fans welcoming Olympians home as heroes. There was just one problem — baggage claim.

Great Britain’s athletes weren’t just given official Olympic attire, they got special Olympic baggage too. Baggage that matched. Heading to one of the world’s busiest airports. With everyone arriving at the same time.

Athletes arrived just after 5 a.m. local time. Their bodies were telling them it was 1 a.m. because of the time difference to Rio. Bleary eyed, the athletes needed to try and work together in an effort to find which red bag in a sea of red bags was theirs.

Gold medal rower Matt Langridge showed the scope of the problem with a panoramic photo.

While others just chose to make the "mine’s the red one" joke, because laughter is better than crying in this situation.

Judging from three athletes’ timelines, it took roughly two hours for the problem to get sorted out. Many of them finally emerged from baggage claim to meet the public around 7 a.m.

Let this be a lesson to all Olympic nations: Think of baggage claim before you issue matching luggage.