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Everyone's making fun of these leaked photos of James Harden's new work boot sneakers

Move over Steph, there’s a new sheriff in town.

James Harden is the latest victim of having his shoes mercilessly mocked. Just months after Stephen Curry had to defend his Air Shuffleboard "Curry 2 lows," now Harden’s first signature shoe looks like a work boot and a pair of Crocs had a ménage à trois.

This is the most fun Twitter has had with a pair of shoes since Curry’s. In fact, people might be having MORE fun. Thank you, Adidas.

What makes this shoe brutal is Harden himself. When the "Curry 2 lows" came out, Steph was basically untouchable and could do no wrong. Harden isn’t as revered at Curry — which made the jokes even meaner.

Every version of the Curry 2 jokes fit into a standard theme: Old people shoes, but Harden’s really ran the gamut.

There’s one really important thing to remember about these photos, however. The shoe is reported to be released in December. That is a long time. These could just be bad photos, from the worst possible angle of an incomplete design. Harden could come back to win this one.

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