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A minor league baseball game got delayed by a wandering sheep

Or maybe it was the sheep's grazing that was delayed by a baseball game.

Minor league baseball games have been delayed or canceled by weird mishaps before, such as a rabbit on the loose, a broken sewage pipe behind home plate and a large circus tent causing distractions.

This mishap is much tamer, more on the side of the aforementioned loose rabbit: During Thursday’s game between the Batavia Muckdogs and the State College Spikes, a sheep ran onto the field. Where did the sheep come from? Well, the Spikes have a mascot named the Nookie Monster (seriously), and the mascot has a tendency to enter through the outer fence — a nook, so to speak. The sheep somehow found that entrance and became the star of the game for a few seconds before the grounds crew got a hold of it.

Bless your heart, sheep.

(h/t MLB/Cut4)