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It’s Championship time at the 2016 Little League World Series

Saturday’s Say Hey, Baseball is all about crunch time at the Little League World Series. Plus, another walk-off wild pitch happened in the bigs.

Baseball: Little League World Series Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

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We’ve reached the Championship rounds of this year’s Little League World Series, and both the United States title game and the International title games are rematches. South Korea will be taking on Panama in the international tilt, while Tennessee and New York will get together again with a trip to the World Series Championship Game on the line in their rematch.

Tennessee is currently 4-1 in the tournament so far, and the one loss came to the same New York team that they’ll be facing today. That loss actually came on Monday, and it was all New York in that one. The team from nearby Maine-Endwell had a huge crowd backing them in that one, and they also dominated that game for the most part. They had a shutout going until the ninth inning, which is when Tennessee finally got on the scoreboard. It wasn’t enough to overcome the deficit, and New York won 3-1.

Now they’ll square off in the rematch, though there’s considerably more on the line now than earlier this week. This time, the winner will have the distinction of being known as the best team in the United States. Again, the Mid-Atlantic Champions are going to have a big-time home advantage for this game, and if they can pull off a repeat performance of what happened on Monday, then they’ll be representing the U.S. in the World Series title game and they’ll have an even bigger home advantage for that game as well. We’ll see what happens at 3:30 PM ET today.


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