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Joel Embiid's signature includes 'Trust the Process' as a tribute to Sam Hinkie

“Trust the Process” is basically Embiid’s middle name.

Joel Embiid has yet to step onto an NBA court for a regular season game, but he is already undefeated. Aside from being great on the internet, he’s also great in person, as evidenced by this autographed photo.

He has already paid tribute to Sam Hinkie, who resigned as GM and president of basketball operations for the Sixers in April. But Sam Hinkie made the current iteration of the Philadelphia 76ers. Embiid knows this, which is why he’s signing photos and writing "Trust the Process" on them.

Embiid will never forget Hinkie’s contributions. Sure they haven’t won much for a few seasons but that was by design. When the 76ers start winning games, you can bet that Embiid will be the first one to first to say "I told you so."