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2 bats were caught having sex mid-game in the end zone of the Lions-Ravens game

Football is exciting. The sights, the sounds — the electricity in the air. Last year the NFL ran a promo about the "Super Bowl babies," a baby boom that happened in winning cities nine months after the big game. Two bats in Baltimore didn’t get the memo. Preseason was the right time for them.

Witnessing bats have sex is a rare thing. Personally, I can say I’ve never witnessed bats copulate until this photo. In fact, it took me three times to look at this image before I realized it was bat sex. It also led to the realization that bats having sex looks a lot more like ...

  1. A mutated poop emoji.
  2. Two steamed crabs left in the end zone.
  3. Bellows for a fire.
  4. A Pokemon I haven’t caught yet.
  5. A well-worn pair of gardening gloves.

Either way, these bats couldn’t wait to get it on. Love is so sweet. Have fun, Baltimore — because this site about bat boning tells me there’s a chance a "maternity colony" could take roost in the stadium.