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‘Madden’ kickoff glitch makes scoring touchdowns easier than ever

What the ...

Madden 17 is broken. (via @jahkobyy)

A video posted by Video Games (@videogames) on

It’s Madden NFL season, which means it’s also glitch season. Up to this point we haven’t really seen a brilliantly awful bug — but this might be it. In the pantheon of video game glitches this is like nothing we’ve seen.

The video posted to Instagram above shows the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicking off to the Denver Broncos — and Denver scoring an immediate touchdown as soon as the ball was caught. It appears the game got confused about which end zone was which. In turn this put the Broncos in the Bucs’ end zone, so when they caught the ball it registered as a return for a touchdown.

This is a new one.

UPDATE: This glitch is happening to a LOT of people. SB Nation’s Luke Zimmermann experienced the exact same glitch.

And more people are experiencing similar things in their games.