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Man in gorilla suit drags child around Cincinnati football field to honor Harambe

It’s been just over three months since Harambe the gorilla was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo after a child jumped in his enclosure, but the Internet hasn’t forgotten. The Internet never forgets. Harambe reached meme status, caused the Cincinnati Zoo to close its social media accounts and even prompted a presidential candidate to try and prove they’re cool. Now things have gone even further.

A high school football game in Cincinnati had a bizarre sideline show when a kid dressed in a gorilla costume ran onto the field dragging a child. People at the game also claim in a second Harambe-related tribute a second gorilla ran onto the field chasing a person in a banana costume who was holding a sign which read “RIP Harambe,” according to The Independent.

We live in a weird world.

h/t Reddit