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Ezekiel Elliott out for final preseason game, outlook for fantasy owners up in the air

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Dallas Cowboys’ rookie Ezekiel Elliott expects to sit for the preseason finale. We look at the fantasy implications.

Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott said Monday that he does not expect to play in the final preseason game, according to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. The Cowboys’ top draft pick battled a hamstring injury early in camp and was limited to just seven carries this preseason in Week 3 against Seattle. Elliott was recently in the news for visiting a marijuana dispensary while in Seattle. No word if he is sitting out for injury or off-field reasons.

Fantasy Spin:

Elliott sitting out of the final game of the preseason can be reason to give fantasy owners pause. The rookie RB did not get a lot of snaps this preseason, but he did look strong in the limited carries he received. Elliott is a roll of the dice at this point. He will start and is presumably healthy. Also, Dallas will lean on the run heavily with Tony Romo out. Fantasy owners will just have to wait to see what Elliott will offer in Week 1.