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This baseball player somehow hit a single pitch twice and was still out

Jose Rondon had two hits in the Padres-Brewers game, and they were both outs.

Jose Rondon is a rookie who is 1-for-12 in his first week in the majors. He’s trying to prove himself, trying to stand out for a rebuilding team. This is one way to get them to remember you:

Because the home-plate umpire couldn’t see exactly why the ball changed directions, Rondon was called out. That will probably be the out that keeps his batting average under .200 on the year, which will hurt his chances to make the team out of spring training next year, which will cost him thousands of dollars and delay his arbitration clock, which will cost him millions of dollars. When his kid asks to go to college one day, the response will be, "I would have loved to ... but that double foul ball has ruined this family."

But what a double foul ball! I’m gonna watch it again.