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Hope Solo heckled with 'Zika' chants from Brazil crowd after tweet bragging about her insect repellent

Safety concerns in Rio over the Zika virus are to be taken seriously. And while have erred on the side of caution when either talking about the issue on television or through social media, United States women’s goalkeeper Hope Solo may have crossed the line for some . She posted a photo of herself on Twitter wearing a protective mask and holding insect repellent.

Although the post may have been intended to be playful, the fans attending the first USWNT game in Brazil let her know that her message was not as lighthearted as she wished. They instead considered it a mocking gesture, so fans relentlessly booed Solo throughout USWNT’s victory against New Zealand. And when Solo kicked or tossed the ball back to the pitch, fans chanted ‘Zika’ at her.

Solo had fun with the interaction.

We hope every Olympic competitor is cautious throughout their trip in Rio and protects themselves against the Zika virus and questionable social media posts.