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This is a knight beating another knight unconscious with a shield

The world of medieval fighting is a weird, terrifying place. Or at least that’s what you think before you watch a video. In reality the whole thing is pretty benign. It’s all much more calm than you’d expect for dudes fighting in a ring with swords. Most of the time a fight goes to decision — but not this one, my friends.

This fight, posted by M-1 Global World, is calling this “The hardest KO at M-1 Medieval!” and it’s not what you think. In MMA you might see a flash KO from a brutal head kick, but at M-1 Medieval you just have a dude laying prone while having a shield bashed into his skull.

I’ve watch this moment more times than I probably should. It was out of curiosity, I swear. Here’s what I learned:

  • The knight is knocked out with the second shield shot in a series.
  • He’s then hit another SEVEN times in the head.
  • From the time he’s knocked out to when the knight finally stops beating him is six seconds.
  • In that time the referee walks approximately four feet, and never sees what’s happening.
  • The only thing that stopped the fight was the dude with the shield getting tired of beating an unconscious body.
  • It left the dude with part of his helmet caved in from all the shots.

I’m no medieval fighting referee (surprising, I know) but it seems that in your list of responsibilities the only thing you need to really stop is an unconscious knight having his helmet caved in with a shield. This ref failed.