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There are layers to the tension between John Wall and Bradley Beal

So the two Wizards' building blocks "have a tendency to dislike each other on the court," huh? Why might that be? We discuss that in the latest Limited Upside podcast.

We'll get back to our team-by-team offseason review series shortly, but since Mike was gone on vacation last week, he missed the story that tore Wizards fans apart as much as any morsel of news can in the dead of the offseason: John Wall's admission that he and Bradley Beal "have a tendency to dislike each other on the court."

There are layers to this tension, and we discussed them in this post-vacation edition of the podcast. Among the topics discussed:

  • Where the idea that John Wall is overly concerned about how much money his peers make (which he has denied) may come from.
  • Why the collapse of Wall's shoe contract with Reebok/adidas may have something to do with Wall's perceived feeling of disrespect. (Read this story if you haven't already).
  • How the statistics confirm the lack of synergy between Wall and Beal specifically, but don't necessarily hurt the team as a whole, at least according to one metric.
We also talk about Russell Westbrook's new Jordan Brand ad taking a shot at Kevin Durant, touch on a few other smaller stories and review Mike's experiences marching with Seattle Sounders fans. Also: Let us know what you think of the new podcast logo.

We'll resume our offseason series with teams like Milwaukee and Sacramento in the coming weeks. Apologies for the delay on the Kings. There have been some scheduling conflicts, but we will be recording that podcast very soon.

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