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How confident are you in your Week 1 college football picks? Here are ours

SB Nation’s college football staff picks the biggest games of the weekend.

Tennessee v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Every college football media outlet has its own version of a pick’em. SB Nation’s will focus on only the biggest games of the week. Here are the rules:

  • We will pick the winner of all games between ranked (AP Poll) teams, but if there are not enough such games in a given week we will throw in a game of note or two so that we are always picking at least three games per week.
  • Players must assign a confidence rating from 1-10 with their pick. If they win, they get the points added to their weekly and season total. If they lose, the points are subtracted. Yes, a player can choose the same confidence number for each game, and yes, this could result in some hilariously poor scores.

This week we have four such games.

No. 1 Alabama v. No. 20 USC (Dallas)

Can USC hold up in the trenches? If so, it could spring the upset. If not, the Tide will probably roll as usual. Does it even matter who plays quarterback for Alabama?

No. 3 Oklahoma v. No. 15 Houston (Houston, NRG Stadium)

Here are five reasons why this is one of 2016’s biggest games. If Houston wins, prepare to hear stories about its fitness for a playoff spot on a weekly basis.

No. 4 Florida State v. No. 11 Ole Miss (Orlando)

Stopping Dalvin Cook will be the top priority for Ole Miss. But even if the Rebels do, it might not be enough. Then again, when he’s at his best, Chad Kelly is as good as any QB in the country.

No. 18 Georgia v. No. 22 North Carolina (Atlanta)

The last time we saw North Carolina’s defense, it was allowing Baylor to run for over 600 yards in the Belk Bowl. If the Tar Heels’ defense doesn’t improve this could be a #shootout, though North Carolina likely has the advantage at quarterback regardless of who starts for the Bulldogs.

The Picks

This week the average number of confidence points wagered was 26. Rodger Sherman had the most with 40, while Brian Floyd is sitting back having put just 13 at risk, with 10 of them coming on Alabama.

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Your turn

Please post and track your picks in the comment section. The highest scoring verified commenter each week will get to pick with the staff the following week.