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James Harrison used Instagram as a personal victory lap against the NFL


It looks like James Harrison is having the last laugh.

After Harrison’s named popped up in an Al Jazeera report linking him, Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews to PEDs, he agreed to meet with league officials. The discussion itself seemed to be limited, as that was the only way Harrison agreed to meet with the NFL.

Harrison took the accusations seriously, and he hasn’t made much noise since then. Virtually the only headlines he made during the offseason were about him launching his kids into a pool like he was a one-man water park.

But on Wednesday, the NFL cleared some of the names involved in that report. Now that he is no longer a focus of an investigation, he can say "I told you so" to the league. And he’s doing it with gusto, as you can see from this recent Instagram post. He either searched his name or has a Google alert for his name and then compiled all of these news stories into one image.

To top it off Harrison culminated the Instagram victory lap with #putsomerespekwhenyoumentionmyname. This may not signal an end between Harrison and the powers that be, but the veteran Steelers linebacker can claim a small victory.

This is better than any participation trophy.

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