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A farm in Canada recreated the Jose Bautista bat flip on their cornfield

Didn’t I tell y’all? Cornfields are the latest and greatest thing in sports right now. First, someone dedicated a Lego-like statue and a corn maze to Washington’s Kirk Cousins.

Then a farm in Ohio decked out their long stretch of land to honor LeBron James the the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, complete with a "Believeland" mention.

Jose Bautista is the next sports star to have a large patch of land dedicated to them. While this one isn’t necessarily a maze, it’s still a well-constructed homage to the Blue Jays star and his now infamous bat flip during the 2015 ALDS as well as Toronto’s 40th year as a franchise. The Hunter Brothers Farm in Canada did an excellent job.

It’s time to hope on board the latest fad. And you better hurry, fall is almost here. Something tells me that sports corn mazes are going to peak right around January. Then bam! That’s when I’ll cash in.

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