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The Mariners celebrated David Ortiz with a giant salmon and a Flavor Flav clock

David Ortiz sure is getting a lot of gifts during his farewell tour. But this time, he’s not getting something played out like a pair of boots that everyone gets during their last trip to a stadium (I’m looking at you Texas).

The Mariners went all out with gifts that were unique to both Seattle and Big Papi. Ortiz, who was signed by the Mariners in 1992, presented the Red Sox designated hitter and first baseman with the original contract. Included was a photo of a young David, with all the hopes and dreams to make it in the big leagues.

Luckily for him, it all went as planned. That’s why he’s receiving a 34-pound salmon and a giant Flavor Flav clock. Once he’s done with baseball, he’ll have more time to go fishing, so this is a great start.