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Are you a Michael or a Martellus Bennett?

Take the quiz to find out which brother you are.

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks
The Bennett brothers exchanged jerseys after their teams faced off in 2015.
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

People are complicated, capable of different moods and attitudes and personalities on any given day. But deep down, we’re all a Jackie or a Marilyn, a Betty or a Veronica, a Zoe or a Zelda.

On the surface, Michael and Martellus Bennett aren’t that different, as Mina Kimes’ terrific ESPN profile of the brothers reminded us. Not only do the NFL’s most entertaining siblings look like twins, but they’re both whip smart, fiercely opinionated and eminently quotable. They are also never afraid to show the world who they are: two guys whose identities extend far beyond the football field.

When you look closer, though, you can see what makes the brothers distinct from one another. Michael is the CNN watcher. Martellus prefers Cartoon Network. Michael is the crusader who has no qualms about speaking up for anything he perceives as unjust. Martellus is the writer, full of wonder and constantly looking for a creative outlet.

Maybe you already have a good idea which Bennett brother you’re most like, or maybe you don’t. But there’s only one way to find out for sure: