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Enes Kanter has been openly clowning on Kevin Durant since he left the Thunder

Kanter has turned into the Thunder’s biggest fan and Russell Westbrook’s No. 1 defender.

Russell Westbrook has re-signed with the Thunder after rumors the team would trade him if he didn’t. It’s a move that’s great for both sides, even if it barely changes the reality of the situation.

Naturally, Thunder fans are pretty pleased with Westbrook, but there’s no bigger fan of Westbrook than his teammate Enes Kanter. Just minutes after the Westbrook news was made official, Kanter crying Jordan’d Lakers fans, who were obviously hoping Westbrook would be traded to Los Angeles.

WAIT. It gets even better.

Enes Kanter will never stop going in. In fact, since Durant left, Kanter has turned into a full-fledged Thunder loyalist. Let’s take a journey through his tweets.

Aug. 2: ‘Calls out’ leaving beat writer

Yup, that’s Anthony Slater’s head Photoshopped onto the image that went with Kevin Durant’s Player’s Tribune announcement that he was joining the Warriors.

(It’s worth noting that he joking called him "another traitor," of course.)

July 26: Defends Russell Westbrook

Kanter quoted a tweet from that awful new Fox Sports show that said, "Russell Westbrook is the new Dwight Howard. No one wants to play with him." That’s ridiculous, but Kanter calling them out says it better than I can.

July 25: Suggests new names for KD’s old restaurant

A Kanter and Steven Adams-led restaurant would never fail, I’ll tell you that.

July 9: Retweets this quote of his about Westbrook

Kanter is as loyal a Westbrook supporter as there is out there, it would seem.

July 8: Offers a Durant jersey burning solution

That’s just smart budget balancing!

July 4: Tweets this cryptic emoji message

I originally thought on July 4 that this was a shot at Durant, saying "chickens love the Thunder," aka saying Durant was a chicken. But it makes a lot more sense that Kanter is just saying "Turkey loves the Thunder," as he is Turkish. And yes, as it was tweeted on the day Durant chose Golden State, it had some subtext to it.

Either way, Kanter has turned into the biggest, most loyal Thunder fan there is. (Never mind that offer sheet he signed with Portland last summer.) The only thing we really know is that Kanter will never stop going in, not now, not ever.

* * *

OKC has a lotta Russell Westbrook in its lineup