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Russell Westbrook's return to the Thunder makes the NBA much more interesting

Those Thunder-Warriors games will be fantastic now that an angry Russell Westbrook is committed to the Thunder.

Russell Westbrook is back in Oklahoma City, much to our delight. Nothing against Westbrook's many suitors, but it's going to be fantastic watching Westbrook out for revenge after Kevin Durant skipped town. The storylines and narratives are going to be great.

Then again, the specific nature of Westbrook's extension sure seems more like both sides kicking the can down the road a year. Maybe we should hold off on some of the "loyalty" talk, at least for now. It's a great story, but the reality is more complicated.

In this shorter episode, we run through the ramifications of Westbrook's decision. Most notably:

  • Should NBA fans be happy that Westbrook is back in Oklahoma City?
  • Is this really the right move for Westbrook, or will he come to regret putting off his free-agent season for a year?
  • How good are the Thunder this year? Do they have enough shooting to be a 50-win team? What can they do to reshape the team around Westbrook over the next two years?
  • How well will Westbrook's game age?

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