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Bob Costas once caught and chugged a beer at the Belmont Stakes

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Dan Zak of The Washington Post has a fantastic profile about Bob Costas, who is set to cover his 11th Olympic Games in Rio starting Friday. In the middle of relaying how Costas got to be the legendary sports journalist he is today, there was a revelation on how he had a "rebellious" moment at the 2011 Belmont Stakes — think of it as Bob Costas finding his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin:

Bob is not omniscient. But he is a quick study and a sports encyclopedia. He is also a bit rebellious, self-deprecating and obnoxiously unflappable. At the Belmont Stakes in 2011, someone threw a can of beer at him, and he caught it one-handed, opened it, chugged some, lobbed it back from the victory stand, and proceeded with his interview of the winning jockey and trainer.

And to make sure this was true, I tried to find out if there was video of this, and look there he goes:

Try to remember this as you watch him on TV for the next few weeks.