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Which recruiting non-power has the best chance to make the College Football Playoff?

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SMU v TCU Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

On Friday I jumped on Facebook Live to record the SB Nation College Football Recruiting Podcast. The central theme this week was a discussion of what teams who are not recruiting powers have a shot to make the College Football Playoff.

Which recruiting non-power could make the College Football Playoff? Let's discuss!

SB Nation College Football 貼上了 2016年8月5日

But first, I gave a brief review of three recruiting articles I wrote this week:

In determining what teams to select, I had to set some ground rules as to what qualifies as a recruiting power. We know that to win a national title since the BCS era, teams must sign more four- and five-stars in a four-year stretch than two- and three-stars. But making the College Football Playoff is easier than winning it, so for the selection process I dropped the criteria down below 40 percent.

The teams I ultimately settled on are Oregon, Stanford, Washington, TCU and Michigan State. Watch the video to hear the discussion.

The audio version of the podcast will be available this weekend on Soundcloud.