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Here's video of Virginia Thrasher giving the United States its first 2016 Olympic gold medal

Team USA is on the board.

Virginia Thrasher, a 19-year old competing in the 10m air rifle competition on Saturday morning, has given the United States its first gold medal of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. And now, via NBC, we've got video:

Thrasher scored a 208.0, right ahead of the 207.0 by China's Du Li. So congrats to Thrasher, a teenager who's been dominant on the American rifle scene and has now made her mark on the international stage.

She recently won NCAA titles in air rifle and smallbore events for West Virginia, accomplishing both feats as a freshman. She is, according to Team USA, the holder of more than 20 USA Shooting and National Rifle Association records. That's more than one record held for every year Thrasher has spent living on this planet!

Thrasher, who goes by Ginny, hails from Springfield, Va., and majors in engineering, according to West Virginia's official biography page for her. Now she's forever a gold medalist, too.