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Zambian ranked 112th in judo pulls off incredible upset in under 2 minutes

One of the Olympics' most surprising upsets comes on the judo mat.

Zambian judoka Mathews Punza entered the Summer Olympics ranked No. 112 in the world. Israel's Golan Pollack entered ranked No. 6.

So it came as a serious upset when Punza beat Pollack in less than two minutes in their preliminary match in the 66kg weight class earlier on Sunday.

This is a shocker, and it's a real downer for Pollack and the Israeli team.

It happened in the round of 32 in the 66kg weight class, and Punza's cinderella story didn't last forever. He lost to Slovenia's Adrian Gomboc shortly thereafter, and Gomboc was still going on his way to the semifinals on Sunday afternoon. But credit to Punza for pulling off a massive upset against a much higher ranked judoka.

Punza showed incredible strength and body control to conquer Pollack, who was furiously trying to break free from his hold. He couldn't, and Punza will get credit forever for at least knocking off a huge favorite on a big stage.