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Olympic diving scores and results: USA wins silver medal in men's synchronized 10-meter, China takes gold

The United States managed a silver medal in the men's synchronized 10-meter platform.

China took a gold medal in the men's synchronized 10-meter platform diving event at the 2016 Rio Olympics on Monday. The team of Chen Aisen and Lin Yue finished with a score of 496.98, and were never really threatened by the USA team of David Boudia and Steele Johnson, who finished in second for the silver medal.

The bronze medal in the event went to Thomas Daley and Daniel Goodfellow of Great Britain, finishing with an overall score of 444.45.

The Chinese team was dominant, building a massive lead just a couple rounds in. After three rounds, they led by a massive 16 points, and earned a 10 in execution from the judges for their third-round dive. That dive scored 92.82 points, a massive accomplishment, and then they completely stepped it up in their next dive, scoring a 106.56.

That dive earned them a 10 in execution and a 10 in synchronization from the judges, in addition to a "low" of both categories bottoming out at 9.5. The United States did manage a 95.04 in their final dive, an excellent dive that cemented the silver medal.

One reason the Chinese team did so well was their clean entry. They consistently made the smallest splashes and hardly a sound was made when they hit the water. Johnson of the US struggled to contain his entry and was consistently overshadowed by Boudia in that category, which is obviously a problem in synchronized competition.

China maintained its 16-point lead after the fourth round, with 292.14 points on the board, with Boudia and Johnson trailing with 276.60 points. It wasn't really a battle for first or second at that stage, but there was a close one brewing for bronze, as four different teams were close enough to each other to make it interesting.

With one round to go, it was Great Britain in third with Germany just two points behind them. In the final round, it came to the last dive as Great Britain went last, and they nailed their final dive to earn the bronze.