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Watch Michael Phelps stare down Chad le Clos like his eyes were laser beams

Michael Phelps isn’t known to be an emotional swimmer, but on Monday night, South African swimmer Chad le Clos changed all that. le Clos was obsessed with Phelps in the staging area. He did everything he could to get into his rival’s head. It began with stares, then evolved into shadow boxing ahead of their 200-meter butterfly semifinal.

An iron warrior, Phelps was not amused.

Phelps insisted after he finished second in the race that he didn’t pay attention to le Clos — but nobody believes that for a second. Dude was angry, he was fuming — he wanted blood in a way we haven’t seen before. This was the man who edged him out for gold four years ago in London, and now he was parading around in front of him? Get the popcorn ready for the final. Phelps is going to go off.