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Lubbock residents made the most of flooding by water skiing through the streets

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Lubbock, Texas, is currently dealing with floods due to heavy rain. If you live in the area, be sure to stay safe and stay dry. But if you decide to forgo that, we won’t blame you if you opt for some extreme makeshift sports like a few people already have.

At Texas Tech, some are going out for drives to water ski. While it looks super dangerous and you definitely shouldn’t do it, it does look really cool.

Or maybe even ride a jet ski!

Maybe water skiing isn’t your thing. Admittedly that does look scary to try. So why not partake in a friendly game of volleyball? Sure, your legs will be soaked, but what’s not to love? This is as close to the beach as you can be without actually going there (though you might catch a cold if you play a long game).

And if volleyball is too much, why not just take a nice trip on a float?

Great makeshift sports, Lubbock!