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This horse led most of the race, until it knocked its jockey off near the finish line

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The timing on the commentary is perfect.

Meet Fallen Leaf, a racehorse with a lot of speed, and it’s her speed that put her in the lead throughout most of this race. But, as with most things, life comes at you fast, and for some reason she slowed, lost her rhythm and bucked the jockey off her. The best part, however, was the commentator -- right at the moment he said “no antics of any kind,” immediately there were antics. I’m not saying he jinxed the race — the horse was just doing what any horse would do — but it’s the timing that makes the moment better. And you can sense in his voice that she’s done this before, like a disappointed dad who thought his kid would do something right for once.

No worries — the horse and the jockey were reportedly fine after the race.