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‘College GameDay’ is at Bristol, so the best signs included this Ricky Bobby joke

Let’s see what the folks at Tennessee-Virginia Tech had in store for Week 2.

ESPN’s College GameDay was in Bristol, Tenn. on Saturday in what will be college football’s first ever game played at a NASCAR track between No. 9 Tennessee and Virginia Tech.

There were some pretty good ones that the folks at Bristol put together. One featured some quality trash talk towards Tennessee thrown in, too — specifically about how it seems the Vols are, every season, hyped up at the beginning of the year.

Tennessee got in on the fun, too.

And this one was flat out phenomenal.

As expected, Saturday morning’s signs had plenty of NASCAR-related references.

This one arguably is the most creative one yet — successfully merging VT’s mascot with Pokemon Go.

Michigan currently holds the NCAA record for attendance at 115,109, from the Notre Dame-Michigan game in 2013. Some Wolverine fans apparently weren’t too pleased that the Battle at Bristol may break the NCAA record, due to the game’s estimated capacity of 150,000.

And of course, we had yet another week of a Harambe GameDay signs. This one was actually pretty clever.

Perhaps the greatest sign from Saturday’s signs was from someone who decided to ask their mom, through a GameDay sign, for some beer money. Amazingly, it actually worked!