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Clemson receiver channels DeSean Jackson, costs his team a TD

Never celebrate too early, kids.

Photo via @Chron_MattYoung/Twitter

Oh no, Clemson. The No. 2 ranked Tigers were leading by just three points over Troy, and had the chance to take a ten-point lead on a punt return.

Clemson’s Ray-Ray McCloud made a great return from about the Tigers’ own 30 yard line and took it to the house — but not before he celebrated too early and dropped it before crossing the goal line.

The call on the field was a touchdown, but it was overturned — the refs made the right call and ruled it a touchback for the Trojans upon review.

This play is reminiscent of none other than wide receiver DeSean Jackson — who has now twice dropped the ball before reaching the goal line. He’s done so infamously since 2013 and most recently last season against the Green Bay Packers.

Word to the wise: Don’t start celebrating too early.