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Arkansas won in double overtime after its 6'10 left tackle blocked TCU's game-winning FG attempt

This is why you recruit giants.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M vs Arkansas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Bret Bielema’s thing is finding the largest humans on the planet and convincing them to play football for him. One of those humans is Dan Skipper, a 6’10, 319-pound monster of a human who happens to be an all-SEC left tackle. You can tell how that size comes in handy as an offensive lineman, but Saturday night, Bielema found another way to make his giant useful.

With less than 20 seconds to go, TCU had the ball on the 11-yard line with the score tied at 28. They just needed freshman kicker Ryan Graf to hit a routine 28-yarder and they’d likely win. But he had to kick it over Skipper. And that’s HARD.

TCU fans were, well, stunned:

It’s not Skipper’s first time doing this -- he also recorded a blocked kick in 2014 against Mizzou. He’s more than just a novelty: He’s widely considered one of the SEC’s best linemen, and is a big part of why the Razorbacks are so good at playing Big Man Ball. But it’s cool to see his sheer sized used in a surprising way.

Arkansas went on to win in double overtime, taking the 15th-ranked Horned Frogs down 41-38. And they never would’ve gotten there if it wasn’t for their extremely large offensive lineman playing defense.