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Arizona State QB Manny Wilkins just keeps hurdling people

He’s done it at least four times in two years.

Northern Arizona v Arizona State Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Arizona State quarterback Manny Wilkins hurdled a Washington Husky on Saturday, right before the Sun Devils pulled off a big upset.

Early last season against Northern Arizona, in his first ever start, he lept a Lumberjack:

UNGH, that’s a beautiful hurdle. Watching the NAU defender square up for a huge hit, only to have a human fly over his head, is absolutely fascinating.

But Wilkins topped it a week later with a jump against Texas Tech:

And then in October of last season:

Advice to defenders playing Arizona State: I know it’s important to get leverage in making a tackle, and that you should avoid keeping your body high to avoid making a helmet-to-helmet hit. BUT DON’T GO LOW WHEN YOU’RE PLAYING MANNY. HE WILL EMBARRASS YOU IN FRONT OF ALL YOUR TEAMMATES AND YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL SEE IT.

Who did it best -- Wilkins or Louisville’s Lamar Jackson, before his Heisman win?