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Chiefs’ Marcus Peters raises fist during national anthem

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters was the first player on Sunday to deliver a message during the national anthem when he stood at the end of the lineup with his fist raised in the air. Prior to the game, the team issued a statement saying their players would lock arms in recognition of 9/11.

Being at the end of the lineup, Peters had the freedom to make a statement with his unlocked arm. After the game, Peters didn’t explicitly say that he informed the team that he’d raise his fist, but he did say that the team sat down to discuss the cause voiced by Colin Kaepernick and he asked about making a statement.

“I’m just stating that I’m black and I love being black,” Peters told reporters. “I’m supporting Colin (Kaepernick) and what he’s doing as far as raising awareness with the justice system. I didn’t mean anything by it. I locked arms with my teammates. I talked with coach and coach said it was OK if I wanted to express my thoughts and so I just expressed it.”

Peters said this week that he stood with Colin Kaepernick “100 percent,” and wanted to draw attention to racial inequality in America.

“I’m 100 percent behind him. I feel that what was going on in law enforcement, it does need to change. It does need to change for all, equal opportunities for everybody, not just us as black Americans. I feel that over the past year it’s been displayed what’s been going on across America and over across the world. Just on my piece, I don’t think nothing’s being done about it.”

There are no reports currently of any other players making a statement during the national anthem.