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Victor Cruz ended a 721-day drought of touchdown salsa dances

Victor Cruz is BACK.

Something has been missing from your life. You felt it, but could never name it. You walked through life with some vague sense that you had forgotten an important appointment, or the name of a good friend. You weren’t unhappy, but you weren’t full either. Then while watching football Sunday, you saw a man in tight silver pants wiggle his ass.

Everybody forgot about you, Victor Cruz. We loved you then left you behind. It wasn’t our fault, we were busy. We’re so happy to have you back, though. It’s been almost two years since you last graced the end zone — it was Sept. 21, 2014, late in the second quarter against the Texans. To give you a sense of how long it’s been, ALL of DeflateGate happened in that span, and Eli Manning threw 61 touchdowns to receivers NOT named Victor Cruz.

But we won’t forget you now. Never stop dancing.