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The Cowboys needed Terrance Williams to get out of bounds to beat the Giants. He didn’t.

Oh no!

On third down with only a few seconds left in the game, Dak Prescott had the opportunity to give the Dallas Cowboys great field position for a game-winning field goal by Dan Bailey. They weren’t in great field goal range but that last play definitely could have played out infinitely better than it actually did.

And for the most part, Prescott did what was asked of him. He delivered a throw to Terrance Williams. The only problem was that, with the clock running, Williams inexplicably failed to go out of bounds to stop the clock.

The team tried to go for the spike the ball but with only a few seconds left on the clock — and the clock still running — it was pointless. What a way to lose in the first week.

Dez Bryant saw that and was pointing towards the sideline. At least Dak is looking great for the Cowboys.