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Visually impaired Iranian soccer player dangles 4 dudes for the best goal of the Paralympics

This move was as good as it gets.

We need to talk about this goal.

This is the Paralympics five-a-side football, so the four players in the field have some level of visual impairments and wear shades so they are completely blind during competition. The ball is equipped with a noise-making device, which is how the players locate it, with the help of guides and coaches who can yell out verbal instructions. However, the teams are allowed to use goalkeeper who have normal vision.

In this video, the Iranian player, Behzad Zadaliasghari, dribbles through the entire defense and scores on the keeper, who is not visually impaired. That’s incredible. Zadaliasghari completely roasted the defense, and his finish was excellent, too. This is a pro-level move.

Iran went on to win with that score, 2-0, over Morocco.