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Kevin Harlan’s play-by-play of a fan on the field is a brilliant masterpiece

“Waving his arms, bare-chested; somebody stop that man!”

Week 1 of the 2016 NFL season concluded with a whimper as the San Francisco 49ers beat the Los Angeles Rams 28-0. It was mostly a display of terrible offense, with the 49ers having enough good moments to win the game.

The game was probably the least enjoyable of the Week 1 slate, but it also gave us arguably the best moment of the week. Maybe even of the season. All thanks to one fan who ran on the field, and the great Kevin Harlan.

Harlan was calling the game on the radio and treated the moment like it was the game-winning play of the Super Bowl.

"Hey somebody has run out on the field. Some goofball in a hat and a red shirt. Now he takes off the shirt! He’s running down the middle by the 50, he’s at the 30! He’s bare-chested and banging his chest. Now, he runs the opposite way. He runs to the 50! He runs to the 40! The guy is drunk, but there he goes! The 20 — they’re chasing him, but they’re not going to get him. Waving his arms, bare-chested; somebody stop that man! Oh they got him, they’re coming from the left — oh and they tackle him at the 40-yard line!

That was the most exciting thing to happen tonight."

The fan only flashed on the TV broadcast for a few seconds, but Harlan’s call remains riveting.

Give Kevin Harlan an Emmy right now. Give him an Oscar. Give him all of the awards for this masterpiece.