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Every child who crosses this 9-year-old rugby star's path gets bulldozed

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Kid Goes Beast Mode

Kid Goes Beast Mode in Canberra Comp

Posted by Moroni Martin on Monday, September 12, 2016

There have been videos of kids demolishing other kids in sports since the dawn of parents with camcorders, but there has never been anything like Meaalofa Te’o, a 9-year-old rugby sensation from Australia.

Footage emerged of his game in the grand finale of a tournament in Canberra in which T’eo obliterated the entire opposing team, blew the minds of those watching and ran into the hearts of everyone who watched him play.

The video runs the gamut from impressive to hilarious as clip-after-clip show kids haplessly throwing themselves in Te’o’s way, trying to bring him down.

First he trips, but doesn’t stop trucking kids.

Then, on his next try, he just decides to wipe out the entire team ... because he can.

Te’o isn’t all about raw power, though. He’s got a really nice juke and some serious speed, too.

T’eo would be completely justified if he had some swagger, but his father, Karene says he’s the opposite.

“Tries like that are normal for him, he is a very good player but soft at heart. He is a very humble young boy.”

Here’s to Meaalofa Te’o, destroyer of worlds, ruiner of dreams, the greatest heart-breaker in rugby. One of these days we’re going to see him in the pros.