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Every NFL team got a new Color Rush uniform this year, but not every team gets to wear it

Most of them won't make your eyes bleed, either.

The NFL and Nike have rolled out this year’s Color Rush uniforms for all 32 teams. Last year, only eight teams wore Color Rush uniforms on Thursday Night Football, and sometimes the results were disastrous, particularly for those who suffer from any degree of color blindness. It seems like the NFL and Nike put a bit more thought into the effects on our eyes this year.

While each team has a Color Rush uniform designed by Nike, six teams won’t be wearing them this season. There were a few color scheme conflicts, and in those cases, the away team will just wear the normal away uniform while the home team dons the Color Rush uniform. Those teams include the Texans, Falcons, Browns and Jets.

The uniforms will also not be worn for the Thanksgiving games. Four of the teams playing on Thanksgiving have other Thursday games, but the Colts and Washington will be excluded.

On Thursday, there’s a rematch of the Jets and Bills Thursday Night Football matchup that seared everybody’s retinas last year with red and green Color Rush uniforms. If you have red and green color blindness, you probably had no idea which team was which. This year should be easier to watch.

The Texans and Patriots have nearly identical Color Rush uniforms. Since the Patriots are the home team, they’ll wear the navy Color Rush, and the Texans released a statement saying they will wear white as the away team.

The Texans hope to wear their Color Rush uniforms in 2017, and we hope they do, too, because they’re pretty nice.

The Bengals had a photo shoot featuring their new Color Rush uniforms at the Cincinnati Zoo, which feels like the team is just begging us to make jokes about Harambe.

For Jaguars vs. Titans, a Thursday Night Football matchup that may not be another poop emoji game this season, the Jags are in gold, and the Titans will look like Smurfs.

For the Browns and Ravens matchup on Nov. 10, the fact that the Browns aren’t wearing Color Rush uniforms proves that the NFL cares about your vision and ability to enjoy the game.

The Seahawks’ Color Rush uniforms are really ... green.

Did they learn nothing from Kermit? It isn’t easy being green.

For the special edition of Thursday Night Football on Christmas Day featuring the Steelers and Ravens, the Steelers are going with a simple, classic Color Rush look, while the Ravens are wearing a whole lot of purple.

The Colts are one of the teams that won’t wear Color Rush uniforms this season, but Andrew Luck modeled it anyway while reenacting the final scene of The Breakfast Club.

The Color Rush uniforms are fun, but the jersey sales actually serve a positive purpose, too. All of the proceeds from the sales of Color Rush jerseys will go to the NFL Foundation, which supports health, safety and wellness initiatives for children. The first $500,000 from sales of Color Rush jerseys will go directly to communities hit hard by flooding in Baton Rouge, La., to replace damaged football equipment and fields.