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The Jazz look awesome on paper. What about in reality?

Two editors from SB Nation’s Jazz blog discuss a team that’s loaded on paper, but short on results. Will that finally change this year?

The Utah Jazz are loaded. They’re two-deep at every position, with a young core featuring multiple players with All-Star potential. One through 10, they may have the deepest team in the league.

Which leads to an obvious question: how did they miss the playoffs last year? Injuries played a major role, but there were other issues, too. Could some of those problems derail the Jazz again this year? Or will they actually be as good as so many expect?

To answer that question and more, Amar and Mychal Lowman from SB Nation’s Jazz blog SLC Dunk joined the show. Among the topics discussed:

  • Why did they fall short last year? How much was youth a factor? (Check out those ugly crunch-time stats from last year).
  • Who will start? George Hill, or Dante Exum? Is there a chance Joe Johnson wedges his way into major minutes despite the depth on the wing?
  • More importantly: who will find themselves out of the rotation? Alec Burks may be in trouble.
  • Who is the team’s best player today? Who will be the team’s best player tomorrow? Are the Jazz doomed (doomed!) to being very good, but not great because none of their young players look like future superstars?
  • How good a coach is Quin Snyder? Can he manage the playing time and chemistry dilemmas that could result from having such a deep team?

Plus, predictions for the season and why Joe Ingles is the NBA’s newest breakout social media stars.

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