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1,122 good dogs attended the White Sox game, which is a Guinness World Record

So many good dogs.

There are Guinness World Records for just about everything, including the number of dogs to attend a sporting event. No really, that’s an actual record. And now the Chicago White Sox hold it.

The White Sox held a dog night on Tuesday and encouraged as many canines as possible to attend in an attempt to set the world record. They succeeded when a whopping 1,122 dogs showed up.

That is a lot of very good dogs. We unfortunately don’t have pictures of all 1,122, but let’s instead enjoy a sampling of the good dogs who helped make the record happen.

These are good dogs.

Same with these.

Definitely some good dogs here.

And here.

Bandit is such a good dog.

Very good dog.

Wonderful dog.

Some good dogs wore tutus.

Other good dogs wore hats.

This good dog wore some sunglasses.

What a great dog.

Congrats to the White Sox on their record. And congrats to all those dogs on being so good.