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Louisville will shine against Florida State, or at least its red chrome helmets will

Ooooooo, shiny.

I have personal credo: chrome helmets are always good. Therefore these new Louisville lids are good.

You may think to yourself, "Yeah but it’s still a bird with teeth." Sure, you’re right, but it’s a shiny bird with teeth. That’s important, especially with the youngsters watching the game in person or on TV thinking to themselves, "I’d love to go to Louisville and wear something like that and play in a big game like this against a big team."

You are not them. You are probably a few years, if not decades, removed from that age. You are not the target audience. These are also much better than Louisville’s last two alternate helmets as well, so props for that, UL.

You may remember the very, very angry bird the Cards sported on their noggins last season. And who among us can’t recall the matte camo lookin’ things that they wore the last time they played FSU, a loss due in large part due to the zombie magic quality of Jameis Winston in 2014.

These are certain to shine in the afternoon sun when Louisville takes on Florida State Saturday.