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The Kings turned DeMarcus Cousins into a 'Madden' running back and he became a bulldozer

It’s not unusual to see athletes jump from one sport to another. Michael Jordan had a minor league baseball career; Allen Iverson mentioned his football stint in his Hall of Fame speech; Rico Gathers played basketball in college, but was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys this year. So what would it look like if DeMarcus Cousins turned into a Raider?

For National Video Games Day, one of those arbitrary holidays you never hear about until it trends on Twitter, the Sacramento Kings brought their star player to Madden NFL 17 as a running back for Oakland. Cousins pretty much trucks everyone in his path, although the Kings probably messed with the player attributes to turn him into a beast. Probably. Part of me wants to imagine Boogie can actually do this in real life.

I do have to point out one thing, though: Why does he collapse in the end zone on his first touchdown?

There’s ... no one in front of him, or behind him, or beside him. Was he tripped by a ghost? Did someone forget how to do a diving touchdown? Was virtual Boogie just tired from running? The world may never know — or it was just someone forgetting how to dive in Madden.